Friday, July 26, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Veintiuno'

Complete Outfit in hundreds of combos: 2 sets of superhot lingerie - lycra thong, and bra (pink & poison). Trendstyled HoodieDress in 10 sizes by EDELFABRIK Creative Source in 6 styles. Tokyostyled legwarmers (mesh in 15 sizes) in 6 styles and matching sandals(mesh in 5 sizes PLUS unrigged version with resizer) in 6 styles. Supercute candy-necklace (in 3 styles - animated) and cocktail bracelets. Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD

Saturday, July 13, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'Bella Bambolina'

Complete Outfit in many combinations: Super clubbing lingerie with thong, bra and silk stockings. Awesome mesh „SlitDress“ in 10 sizes by EDELFABRIK Creative Source. Matching gloves (mesh in 5 sizes) and matching boots (mesh in 3 sizes PLUS unrigged version with resizer). Dress, gloves and boots come in 3 totally unique styles: ClubStar, Avangarde Leather and Princess. Awesome rigged mesh pearl long necklace in 5 sizes. Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD

Friday, July 5, 2013

'FullMetal Beejay' t r u s t y l e by edelfabrik - HUD controlled Mesh Braces with Emoter

                           ★ FullMetal Beejay 1.0 ★

                        ★ t r u s t y l e by edelfabrik★


"Thank you for purchasing this product! If you have question and / or suggestion about this product drop me a notecard inworlds!"

Sarah91 Tremor


© Copyright 2013, by Sarah91 Tremor for T R U S T Y L E by EDELFABRIK



This product contains chat functions. They are fun but don't use them to bother others! Repect all residents. The creator cannot be hold for any harm used by the product to others.



A. Content
B. Getting started
C. Adjust
D. Color
E. Facial
F. Emote
1. The config Notecard
2, Translate
3. Chatterbox
4. Comment
5. Toothsmile
G. Options
H. Accessories

This products contains - together with the manual you are reading- :

1 [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_HUD (called HUD)
1 [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_Braces (called braces)
1 [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_LowerLipPiercing
5 [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_PartedLips_{XXS-L}
1 [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_TypingOverride_for_AO for adding into your Animation Overrider (AO)


★TIP★ Just to be sure! Make a copy of your braces system first.

For an easy start attach the HUD and the braces to your avatar. ★TIP★: If you cannot see the HUD either right-click it and select edit from inventory or CTRL-B and mouse-wheel down to adjust it to your screen. The position will be saved on de-taching the HUD. To adjust the braces touch "pose stand" then "cross hair" from the HUD menu. First set the size of your braces with size+ and size- from the HUD. The steps are +/- 1%. In edit mode (CTRL-B) you can adjust the hud to your mouth. Usually the lips of the avatar are closed which means by default you cannot see the braces. To change this I added 2 options (which work really great together): Wear one of the [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_PartedLips_{XXS-L} (I would suggest XXS, XS or S depending on your shape. M and L can ruin you face if its not compatible. Then touch "random facial" -> "hi" in the HUD to let your avatars lips spread a little. ★TIP★: The HUD contains a fully configurable emote system. By default it is disabled. You activate it with the "translate", "chatterbox" and "comment" functions on the HUD. Please try them at home before you visit public places. The emotes are freely configurable with the included config notecard in the HUD. Open it and change it as you like! Read passage F. Emote for details.
★TIP★: You can minimize and maximize your HUD with the little button with the square next to the logo on the HUD. Pressing it for more than a second will pop up the options menu.

The adjust menu contains 4 buttons which make it easier to adjust the braces on your avatar:

"pose stand" will set your avatar to a standard sl pose holding still for easier adjustment and makes your avatar permanently smile while activated. Touching the pose stand button again will release the permanent smile and pose.

"size +" / "size -" as self-explaining as it is those buttons change the size of the braces by 1 %.

"cross hair - adjustment helper" Sometimes it can be pretty disturbing to "catch the braces" so just touch this button to show/hide the crosshair for easy adjustment in your avatars mouth.

The color menu lets you set the style of your braces. The upper buttons select which bumpers/pads to color. You can pick "color all bumpers", "all upper" pads, "1st upper" pad color and "2nd upper" pad color. The same goes for the lower pads. The workflow goes like this: You first pick which pads/bumpers to color and after that you touch one of the color buttons. For example if you want to have all orange pads/bumpers you would touch "color all bumerps" followed by the orange color button. If you would like to have orange green zigzag pads/bumpers you would touch color all bumpers then the orange color button, then 1st upper followed by the green color button then 2nd lower followed by the green color button. Play with it! Combinations are next to endless!

"metal shine" lets you turn the system shine effect for the metal parts turn to off / low or high
"bumpers shine" lets you set the same for the pads/bumpers (I suggest setting that to low)
with bumpers "glow" you can switch the effect of the pads/bumpers appear (I suggest setting this to off or low). I would suggest low or high to get some attention though "off" might look most natural.

The "Facial" menu contains 9 mouth-expressions. The facial expressions in SecondLife are limited to the internal facial animations. This HUD uses a tech to morph several of those expressions. As a little caveat I'd like to point out that some of these facial expression spread the lips widely. The braces do not spread with the lips for now as there is no "cheek attachment point". Currently I am working on a solution for that. I might include this in a future update. So handle with caution it might look a lil bit awkward. Use "toothsmile" or "random facial" low or high to always be on the style side.
The last ~ but not least ~ button "typing override" is by standard set to ON. This will play a typing animation whenever you start typing. You can toggle it on/off with this button.

The emote functions of this braces system are highly free configurable by the config notecard in the HUD. Edit the HUD go to content and open the config notecard to do changes.
Basically the emote functions cover 3 functions.

1. The config Notecard
Lines beginning with a # are comments, they might increase reading time for the notecard so feel free to delete them. Be sure you made a copy of the notecard first. Each line of the notecard without a leading # is standing for a command. This commands are added to your HUD. Do not use " instead use '. All comands start with the command itself followed by an euqal sign.

2. Translate
You can switch the translate function on and off. The definiton of the translations is included in the config notecard as the "replace" command. This means when you write defined words they are replaced but other words. The "replace" command is followed by 2 values seperated by comma. The first value is the search term to be replaced. The second one is the replacement. (the "replace" command is case sensitive) Example:


This will replace the words "braces" with "brafes" in local chat whenever you say it. (Keep in mind translation only works for the avatar who wears the HUD).

3. Chatterbox
The chatterbox can be considered as a random emoter. The command in the config notecard is "chat" followed by equal sign. Depending if you select low, med or omg (high) it will say the text (without translation) in local chat. The chatterbox stops when turned to off. Low means 3-5 minutes between comments. Medium means 2-3 minutes. And omg (high) means 60-75 seconds. Please respect other avatars! Use with caution. Example:

chat=plays around with hairstreak.

This will emote "♥AvatarName plays around with hairstreak♥" in local chat.

4. Comment
The comment function triggers on certain words used by others. The definition of the trigger and the replacement is included in the config notecard as the "comment" command. (the "comment" command is case IN-sensitive). The "comment" command is followed by 2 values seperated by comma. The first value is the search term in local chat (only other avatars can 'pull' this trigger). The second value is the emote you do when the trigger is used. As a placeholder you can use {talker}. This means {talker} will be replaced by the person who triggered the comment. Example:

comment=Sarah,/me looks at {talker}.

Considering Erika Bubbletooth in local chat would say: "Hey sarah i didnt see you for some time." the auto-emote would say:

Avatarname looks at Erika Bubbletooth.

★TIP★: As in local chat the /me command works quite fine with the "comment" command settings

5, Toothsmile
You can set this to off, some and on. Off turns the permanent toothsmile off, on to always on and some randomly lets your avatar smile.

You enter the options menu by holding the minimize button for more than one second. Touch the HUD anywhere or select ">>BACK" from the menu to switch back to operational mode. In the options menu you can reset the braces system by clicking RESET. With the VERBOSE button you can turn off most of the usage command repeaters. ★TIP★: Set this to off when you are experienced with the HUD.

You can add the [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_TypingOverride_for_AO from the HUD to your existing AO and just set the typing override of the HUD to OFF.
It wont be FullMetal with the [TS]_'FullMetal Beejay'_LowerLipPiercing.

Have a nice time! Respect all people!