Friday, November 30, 2012

EDELFABRIK 'Bella Monella'

Complete Outfit: Supersexy elegant silk undies with lace - stockings, thong and bra. Sporty panties with sporty top „All*Stars Football“ from real life impression. Mesh „football dressshirt“ in 12 colors (white, black, pink, coral, poison, cream, azure, yellow, orange, violet rose and turkois. super detailed textured and HUD controlled. EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft „Snowflair“ suede boots with legwarmers / overbootsocks in 6 colors and HUD controlled (lack, white, coral, azure, brown and rose). Super cute necklace with a skull on it. Bathing suite tanlines included.

Friday, November 23, 2012

EDELFABRIK TwenStar Nine - Emo/Devilish/Royal

Complete Fashionista Outfit: Top-Style silk lingerie with panties, matching stocking and laces bra. Supertight ornamented pants. Pants-matching sheer lycra top. „Fired“ turtleneck sweater in 3 versions (regular, uneducated [slighlty slipped] and hardcore [slipped with lycra inlet]) with 2 different sculpted turtlenecks (2 versions: mod ok and with resizer) and optional pure turtleneck. Sweater with „Carpe Diem“ text on back. Sweater-matching „fired“ mesh armwarmers in 5 standard sizes. EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft Mesh wedge ankle boots with wooden heel in 3 sizes (XXS&XS, S&M, L&XXL). Left-side emo tattoo.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Complete #1 selling outfit: Teenstyle low rise thong with flipped label. Matching wool overknees. „Hot butt“ bootyful Jeans in 3 versions (standard, uneducated & hardcore) mod-ok with sculped cuffs. Sensational sheer blouse with ribbon and sculpted buffs in 3 versions (regular, uneducated & hardcore). Shoes: EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft UltraVan „Vibrant II“ low-checkers (laces open/closed by HUD or menu). Accessories: Tanlines, BodyGlitter, EDELFABRIK Q Wristwatch, Bangles, Sunglasses, Bandana and necklace. Outfit-Controll-HUD included.

Friday, November 9, 2012

EDELFABRIK Luscious Naughty&Nice

Complete Outfit: Supersexy young-style lingerie with halterless bra, thong, garters and laced stockings. Super sexy mini-dress in 4 basic versions: un-laced sheer, un-laced dense, laced sheer and laced dense. All mini dresses have an lace addon for covering more of your breasts (optional). Cute wool open duffle coat in mesh (in 5 standard sizes). EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft EmoPunk platform boots. Natural laid perl necklace. Realistic tanlines included.

Friday, November 2, 2012

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Quince'

Complete ‚real life conversioned‘ Outfit: Striped wool knitted overknees, double stringed thong (naturally twisted) with matching undersized bra. Awesome slightly sheer corset stringed under-top. Silk supersheer incredible-fabric shirt with ‚If there is no chocolate in heaven I ain‘t going‘ print. „Vide Cor Meum“ V-Neck-Sweater (wool)with sculpted cuffs. 100% natural-style „used look“ jeans ‚S91‘ (metro). Incredible ‚ThunderStrike‘ mesh vest in 5 standard sizes (coral). Teen-Twenstyle tanlines. Accessoires: ePhone 5 Shoes: EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft UltraVan ‚Vibrant“ -exclusive-.