Saturday, February 23, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Diecisiete'

Complete outfit in the bestselling JayBee series: Rockcute lingerie with boystyle thong with flipped label, 1-size-too-small bra and striped legwarmers. Incredible hot knitted lycra top in racing-style in 2 versions (regular & uneducated). Hyper realistic mesh jeans-mini in 6 sizes (standard & EF gold18). Alternate jeans ultrashorts. Shortsleeved real light rendred mesh hoodie in 16 different style controlled by included multi-hud in same 6 sizes. Ultimate exclusive super mesh high-heels ShoeCraft GigaBoots in black controlled by multi-hud in same 6 sizes with natural-skin-picker. Outfit-Multi-Hud included. Clipping between hoodie and mini might appear in some poses.

Friday, February 15, 2013


 EDELFABRIK 'Enticer-Vicious Edition'
   EDELFABRIK 'Enticer-Original Edition' 
  EDELFABRIK 'Enticer-Spoiled Brat Edition' 

Complete Outfit: Hipstyle lingerie with thong, bra, high stockings and additional garters. Three different colored supercute rendered mini-dresses in mesh (5 standard sizes & EF gold18). Dresses with back-zippers and inline-glitter-stripes Shoes: Two different colored EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft Enticer ankle boots real-world rendered. Accessories: Sweet matching bangles