Saturday, May 25, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'TwenStar Eleven'

Complete Outfit: Ultimate young lingerie with dotted bra and thong (with flipped label) and matching socks. Ubersexy shredded Jeans with rigged shredded mesh cuffs in 6 sizes. Thorn belt in 7 sizes (any-size, standard & efgold18). Outstanding state of the art Jeans Jacket „Pure Denim“ by EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE. Short tanktop in 8 styles. Shoes: Ultimate supercute platform sneakers in mesh (3 sizes rigged & resizable unrigged) ShoeCraft Ternity. Accessories: Mesh belly piercing (mod ok).
trustyle ePhone with mediastreaming and color-picker included.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Complete Outfit with 2,916 styles: Ubercute lingerie with thong and tight bra. Matching „Sporty overs“ with sport top and panties. Detailed rendered blouse with silk/ornamented fabrics (mesh collar in oversuit). Mesh Oversuit in 9 styles with over & under tie in 3 styles. Awesome mesh mini skirt in 6 styles with belt and diamonds at belt buckle. Rigged mesh shoes in 6 styles with socks in 3 colors.Tanlines included.

Skirt, tie, collar and oversuit in 11 mesh sizes (including standard sizes). Shoes in 3 sizes.

Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD

Saturday, May 4, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Veinte'

1 outfit 1,944 styles - Release #20 in the bestselling Jaybee Series: Supersweet dotted lingerie with bra and thong in 2 styles. Belted mesh jeans MiniSkirt in 11 sizes in 6 styles (pure, bish, sweety, brat, college & free huggz). Short AND ubershort turtleneck in 9 colors in mesh in 11 sizes. Stunning mesh legwarmers in 6 styles (6 sizes) and highheels in 3 colors (pink, white and black). All controlled by included single HUD.