Thursday, January 30, 2014


COMPLETE SNOWBOARDING OUTFIT IN 100s OF COMBINATIONS: Mindblasting silk lingerie with thong, bra and stockings. „XTREME“ thermo top with racing style. SnowPants in 5 styles (Mesh 10 sizes), Realistic Glossy DownJacket in 5 styles (Mesh 9 sizes). SHOES:  EDELFABRIK MarsBoots (Mesh 6 sizes) ACCESSORIES: TrampStamp Tattoo, ultracute SnowBunny Earrings, Uberdetailed SnowBoard in 6 styles, SnowGloves in 4 styles, Beanie „Bommelm├╝tze“ in 5 styles,  Realistic SportsGlasses in 3 styles. This limited addition adds „USA“ Style to the regular outfit adding 1 DownJacket, 1 SnowPants, 1 Beanie.
SnowPants, DownJacket, SnowBoard, Glasses, Beanie and Gloves HUD controlled -100% EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE MESH