Saturday, October 26, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'TwenStar Thirteen'

Complete Outfit in many combinations: Awesome ‚BISH‘ Bikini as underwear with no-show-socks. Fabulous 5/8th pants in 3 denim styles (regular, surfer & superstar - mesh 10 sizes). Outstanding unbuttoned mesh corset-jacket in 6 styles (mesh 10 sizes). Shoes: Azure blue incredible ShoeCraft DunkHighHeel Sneakers (mesh 5 sizes & unrigged). Accessories: trustyle „EVO ONE“ wrist watch PLUS 1 trans ok watch for your partner, rigged mesh beach bag (5 sizes), choaker necklace, friends bangles, girly mesh belly piercing and tanlines.
Mesh by EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE - Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD

Sunday, October 6, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'BeeJay's CarWash'

Complete Outfit in many combinations: Cute teenstyle-thong, bikini top in 6 styles loose carwash-top in 12 styles (dry and wet), fringed cut-jeans with RealDenim(C) and belt in 4 styles. Optional one-side-hang-down suspenders in 6 styles. Bikini, top, suspenders and belted pants are combined mesh in 10 sizes. FEET; trustyle feet one lite (flat version) included in 11 sizes. Accessories: Hose Nozzle with and without hose. Bucket with sponge, car-belly-piercing, soap-on-a-rope-necklace, instyle foot-chain and tanlines. Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD