Wednesday, November 27, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Cinco 2'

Complete Outfit in many combinations: Dead sexy star sprangled lingerie (thong and bra). Casual lycra twintop. Incredible open hoodie jacket in 6 styles (mesh, 10 sizes), Denim 669 „real denim“ Jeans with mesh belt in 6 colors (mesh, 10 sizes). Shoes: Uberdetailed leather clogs ShoeCraft Devilish Clogs (mesh 5 sizes & unrigged). Accessories: The famous JayBee Cinco necklace with handcuffs and cross in mesh. Handcuffs earrings. Tanlines included (not shown). Mesh by EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE - Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD