Saturday, August 24, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'TwenStar Twelve'

EDELFABRIK 'TwenStar Twelve' - Three ultrimate editions
Complete Outfit in the bestselling TwenStar series: Ultimate twenstyle-lingerie with sheer laced silk bra and low-cut thong and matching wool overknees. Sheer mesh tubetop (10 sizes) by EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE. Exclusive mesh pants „569 GAP“ by EDELFABRIK CREATIVE SOURCE. Shoes: EF ShoeCraft Platform Sneakers Acessories: Insane cute belly-piercing, rigged mesh-bangles and outfit-matching necklace.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

EDELFABRIK 'Bella Signorina'

Complete Outfit: Springbreak-Ready-Mixed undies with bikini thong, boyshorts and plaster-panties. Bikini in 9 styles combined in the awesome short overall with strap over shoulder or hang down (mesh in 10 sizes, HUD-controlled). Shoes: Strappy Sandals in 6 colors Accessories: Mesh Bandana for leg, mesh auntie-bracelets and instyle mesh necklace.
Outfit controlled by included Outfit-HUD