Friday, December 28, 2012

EDELFABRIK 'Viral' - Outfits in 6 colors

Complete real-life inspired outfit: Cute‘n‘sexy lingerie with bra and matching thong. Outfit-matching realistic looking twintop. Polo-Minidress in 3 styles (regular, race and dreamer) in mesh in 6 sizes (standard sizes & EF gold18 for EDELFABRIK TruStyle Shapes). Polo-Minidresses are ultra-realistically rendered and the mesh is done as „cute-butt“ so no „bubble-butts“. Shoes: Beaded sandals by EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft included in resizable mesh. Accessoires: Matching beret and lingerie-matching bangles in mesh.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Complete Outfit: Eternal lingerie: 2 colored micro thong, twist-shift bra and matching stockings. Supercute lycra „Princess Social Club“ top. Lower buttons open sheer blouse with awesome details all over. Ultra-realistic back zipper closed leather pants with tight bound side laces. Open biker leather jacket with „Princess Social Club“ in mesh (5 sizes, XXS, XS, S, M and L). Shoes: EDELFABRIK ShoeCraft Bikerboots. Accessories: Perl-chained necklace.

Friday, December 7, 2012

EDELFABRIK 'JayBee Dieciseis'

Complete Outfit: Unmatching twen-/teenstyle undies with starspangled banner thong (in 2 versions: regular and pulled) , „P.I.N.K.“ bra and 2 different knitted overknees. Superrealistic „used“ low-cut jeans (mod ok, optional sculpted cuffs). Ultra-detailed silk blouse in 3 versions (regular, uneducated and knotted over belly). The ultimate high-end Edelfabrik AVALANCHE Leather Jacket (mesh in 5 standard sizes) as a real-life conversion (LOGO on/off by menu). Additional rendered matching mesh sweater with 20 different fabrics. Shoes: Edelfabrik ShoeCraft EmoGrunge (pink) Accessories: HUD for jacket and sweater controll and a supercute leather necklace with platinum tubes.

Jacket also available in different colors as "Avalanche" Leather Jacket with Sweater by EDELFABRIK (TM)